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Celebrities Styles Inspirations for Work!

We all admire celebrities because of their perfect style. They always look sleek and stylish and their skins are always glowing. Even though their outfits usually seem inappropriate for the office, we can steal their style when they are away from the red carpet. Get inspirations from their look to go to work.

Here are pictures of our favourite fashionistas wearing styles you can get inspiration from to wear at the office.

Sienna Miller

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

Sienna Miller of the leopard skirt  worn with a black jacket is very glamorous. It’s sleek and sexy.

Cheryl Cole

Sheryl Cole always knows how to wear colourful outfits. This mix of pink and purple is perfect for women who like colours. It’s great for   summertime and it gives you a joyful mood.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is stunning in that outfit. Always at the top of the game –  chic, sleek and sexy.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss knows how to make a simple outfit look sophisticated. You can wear those trousers with a jacket of any colour and if you do not feel comfortable with leather jeans just fix it up with black skinny jeans.

Kim Kardashian

I love the Kim Kardashian look. You can wear this type of skirt from day to evening and for any occasion. Adding leopard boots spices up the outfit.


A statement necklace is so of the moment! Beyonce is great with this simple blue dress and high-heeled sandals.  She looks amazing in that elegant look.


I love Rihanna’s trousers worn with a white shirt.  It’s trendy and fresh. If you work in a more relaxed office, you will feel comfortable with this outfit. Always pair those trousers with mid-heeled pumps to get that great look.

Alexa Chung

Source: The Fashion Spot

Alexa Chung’s kooky style is an inspiration for feminine women.  This girly dress is great for any occasion. You can wear it with any shoes. It’s so chic!

Carine Roitfeld

source: Lynn Yaeger

Carine Roitfeld’s minimalist outfit is truly elegant and classy.


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