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Dress and Body Shape – Apple Shape

I think it’s important to talk about dress and body shape because it’s key to  having the look  you want.  It gives confidence, and  it’s very important to make a good impression. Also shopping for dresses is not an easy  task, especially when it’s for work. If you’re busy, I am sure you do not want to spend  your time trying dresses that do not suit your body. So I have made some recommendations of dresses according to body shapes. Find your body shape and start shopping accordingly, and no time  wasting.

Apple Shape

  • You have a large bust and shoulders.
  • You have a round stomach  with slimmer hips.
  • Your waist is undefined and you have slim and lean legs.

The key to dressing an apple shaped body is to minimize your waist area and flatter the other part of your body. So go for dresses that embrace your bust, make your waistline look slimmer and show your gorgeous legs.

Best Dresses

  •  Wrap dresses take attention away from your stomach thanks to the belt
  • A-line type of dresses above the knee makes your tummy  appear slimmer.
  • Empire dresses give the impression your waist looks smaller.
  • A-shape flare dresses with a V neck are very flattering as they show your legs and embrace your breasts.
  • Maxi dresses will embrace your breasts and shoulders.

To enhance your figures:

Wear a waist shaper under your dress to make your waistline appear slimmer.

Add statement necklaces or colorful shoes to get the attention away from your waistline.

Stay away from  slushy, baggy outfits.
Don’t wear shift dresses with a straight shape.
Avoid waistline details such as belts, flowers or bows.


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