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Dress and Body Shape – Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape

  • You are curvaceous
  • You have a full bust
  • You have a defined waist with full hips

The key to dressing  an  hourglass body type is to wear fitted dresses to show your silhouette by focusing on your tiny waist and bust.

Best Dresses

  • Wrap dresses enhance your figure and maximise your best assets.
  • Sheath dresses with fitted waists enhance your feminine form.
  • Body-con style dresses skim your body by following your curves.
  • Dresses with a neckline or details at the shoulders enhance your bust.
  • 50s style dresses are very good as they enhance your waist and show your legs.

To enhance you figures:
Wear a support dress to create a line from the waist to the hip.

Add details to the top half and a neckline to draw attention to this area.

Capped sleeves dresses emphasise your curves.

Baggy dresses or tops.
Do not wear overly sexy dresses.


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