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Dress and Body Shape – Pear Shape

Pear Shape

If your bottom half is wider than your top, and you have a relatively small bust. This means you’re fuller at the hips, and smaller on top.

The key to dressing pear-shaped women is to add volume at the top of your body and flare out at your hips and bottom.

Best dresses

  • A-line dresses help to hide wide hips and balance them.
  • Dresses with details at the top enlarge your shoulders and open your neck.
  • Empire dresses  – your waist marks the smallest point of your figure, distracting from everything else.
  • Wrap dresses style skims over hips and shows your small waist.
  • Deep V-necks  – low neckline dresses  emphasise your breasts.


Wear support shorts, and a bra that enhances your bust.

Add accessories, or belts at the top to distract from the lower half.

Wear belts to show your small waist. ·

Add a fitted tailored jacket to give shape and symmetry to your outfit.

Wear high-heeled shoes matching your skin tone to elongate your frame.


Stretchy dresses as it make your bottom  look bigger. Sheath dresses.

Tight dresses or a baggy style.



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