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Maximise your potential: Increase your Professional Effectiveness [ Workshop]


To succeed in today’s world rests on knowing who you are!

We have designed three workshops to help you to explore your own aspirations, passions, talents and skills.  Based on developing your understanding of who you are, we will introduce you to the benefits of a reflective approach to learning and provide you with thought-provoking and challenging activities to enable you to focus on identifying your:

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Strengths
  • Goals (and how to achieve them!)
  • Impact on others
  • ‘Brand’

The first workshop: Power for greater success takes place on the evening of Thursday 21st November at HUB Kings Cross from 7pm.

Using your own cases and examples, you will learn through discovery and self-exploration that the key to improving professional effectiveness lies in your own ability to take responsibility for your development.  Focusing on the elements that provide the essential foundation on which to continue your development, you will increase your understanding of your own personal approach to work and colleagues.  By developing a greater awareness of self and the influences that affect your methods, you will gain an increase in confidence and your ability to be more personally effective at work.

Attending this workshop will help you:

  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Grow your confidence
  • Identify clear personal objectives and goals
  • Recognise your vision of the future
  • Increase your understanding of the impact you have on others and your ability to influence and build more effective professional relationships

 Keep an eye out for the second workshop Action your Goals and the third in this programme of training Personal Branding in the New Year.

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Lisiane Ndong is digital marketing professional, specialised in strategic planning, marketing strategy and personal branding. She has worked in sales and marketing for start-up and medium size companies for 5 years. As she always had entrepreneurial spirit, she has created SheStrives to offer business coaching for women entrepreneurs. She loves helping people and giving them the tools to develop their dream life, and business. She planned several events especially business networking events. She enjoys developing new projects, and turning her ideas into reality.
Teresa Boyle, BA (Hons) MA in ManagementWith a background in leadership and professional development, Teresa continues to pursue her interests in this area as Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts, teaching ‘Self and Group Development’ together with ‘Arts and Business’, and is also Course Leader for Foundation Business Studies in Brighton.  Teresa has a strong interest in helping others to recognise and achieve their potential, gaining considerable experience as a Professional Development Coach, at all levels, together with designing workshops on professional development, improving performance and the dynamics of team working.

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